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Google Drive (G-Drive)

Austin Community College actively uses Google Suites, which includes Google Drive. In the A&E CAD and GIS departments, we use G-Drive in our classes to easily transfer and share files from teachers to students and allow students to cooperate with one another. When using Google Drive (and G-Drive) you may run into some issues; below are some common problems that occur when using Google Drive in our courses.


  1. You are unable to access G-Drive.

    Your teacher may have shown G-Drive at the first or second week of class; however, the initial steps of accessing G-Drive may have been missed or was not fully understood at the time. Below are the steps for accessing G-Drive for the first time.

    1. Download and/or open the “Google Drive” application.

      The first step for G-Drive to appear in the “File Explorer” on your device would be to ensure you have the “Google Drive” app installed. Go to your search bar and look up “Google Drive.” If it does not appear, go to https://www.google.com/drive/download/ and click “Download Drive for Desktop.” After installing, it should appear in your search bar after looking it up.

      Google Drive app via Search Bar

      Google Drive's download page; click on the center blue button to download the desktop app!

      Open Google Drive, which should then prompt you to login via browser. When logging in, use your ACC email account and verify through Okta with your ACCeID. After logging in and verifying, G-Drive should appear in your File Explorer!
  2. You are unable to open G-Drive

    You have logged in and opened G-Drive already on this device, but G-Drive either isn’t in the File Explorer or is unable to be opened and instead has a question mark on it’s drive icon.

    G:\ Drive with a "?" on it's icon
    1. Re-login to the Google Drive application.

      This occurs when Google Drive requires you to login again after a certain amount of time of has gone by since your prior verification. After logging back in by relaunching the Google Drive app and verifying via Okta, G-Drive should be accessible again!

      Google Drive (G:) back to normal after logging in again!

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