The First Semester

No prior technical drawing or CAD experience is necessary before enrolling in the A&E CAD program. However, in the first semester all students are required to take DFTG 1405 – Technical Drafting. In this course, students learn to apply the fundamentals of drafting, along with AutoCAD basics, to create technical drawings. The multidisciplinary curriculum of DFTG 1405 includes projects from the fields of architectural, mechanical, electronic, and civil CAD.

DFTG 1405 is the prerequisite for the second semester courses required in each specialization area (DFTG 1417, DFTG 1433, and DFTG 2430). Since most A&E CAD students are limited to taking DFTG 1405 in their first semester, new students often co-enroll for required general education courses or approved technical electives that do no require DFTG 1405 as a prerequisite.

The Second Semester

Once the DFTG 1405 prerequisite has been met, students can choose their second-semester courses from the following required courses: DFTG 1417, DFTG 1433 and DFTG 2430; and from the following restricted electives: DFTG 1458, DFTG 2412, DFTG 2419, DFTG 2431, and DFTG 2470. The courses on the preceding list can be used to meet the prerequisites for many of the program’s advanced courses. See an A&E CAD advisor for more information.

Need Advising?

The faculty of the A&E CAD program are available to advise you at any stage in the process. Click here to locate an A&E CAD advisor.

Supporting Student Success – Free Tutoring and CAD Software Downloads

The A&E CAD department provides free tutoring on weekdays and weekends at the Northridge campus. A&E CAD students are also eligible to download full versions of AutoCAD and other software onto their home computers at no charge. After enrolling in classes, students can view tutorial videos and other helpful materials created by the department through Blackboard, ACC’s on-line curriculum delivery system. In addition, ACC offers a wide range of tutoring to students enrolled in general education courses.

Enrolling at ACC

If you have never enrolled at ACC, click here to begin the process. To see a schedule of classes click here.